"Discover the secrets to creating beautiful
Raku Beads and Jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear"

Have you ever struggled with trying to create Raku beads or jewelry? There are many challenges associated with the constructing, glazing, firing, and finishing of beads. It can be overwhelming, but there is a solution. 

With over 250 pages of valuable Raku bead making tips, tricks, and techniques, all of your constructions and design questions will be answered in the comprehensive Raku Beads CD eBook.  


“I’ve made Raku Jewelry for several years and thought I knew it all.  Boy, was I shocked.  After reading Sue’s book I discovered dozens of tips, techniques, and methods of creating Raku beads and jewelry that I never would have  thought of.  The hundreds of color photos are not only instructional but inspiring as well.  There is a new idea to try on almost every page. This book is a gold mine!”  
- Gary Ferguson – www.JustRaku.com

Wouldn't it be great if you were given step by step instructions to create wonderful pieces of Raku Jewelry?  Well, Raku Beads has: 

  • Over 500 color photos showing specific examples of construction techniques, bead styles, and dozens of completed Raku jewelry pieces.
  • Eight fully illustrated projects that take you from start to finish with a variety of beads and final forms. You won't have to figure anything out.

Ever been stuck for a what to create next? Need to jump start your creative juices. Then Raku Beads will help you out:

  • Just go to almost any of the 250 pages and see wonderful new examples to feed your creative urges.

  • Never run out of new bead ideas by following any of the 40+ different bead forming techniques

  • See hundreds of examples of finished work to spark your creativity and to design you own pieces.

"I have received the Raku Beads CD and I absolute love it! I have
been studying it from front to back and back to front! Thanks so much!"
- Lori B.

Not only do you learn all the basics of making Raku beads, but you will uncover a ton of special tips and tricks in Raku Beads, such as:

  • Discover how to fire dozens of beads at one time using any of three special firing devices that you can easily build yourself

  • Learn how kitchen plastic wrap can be your "best friend" in building Raku beads.

  • Discover what your local Starbucks has that can be invaluable in bead construction

  • Learn what to do when you don't have your own kiln.

  • The 5 Myths of Raku firing in an electric kiln that you need to know

  • One Secret for modifying a bead wire that will keep you from potentially ruining dozens of beads.

  • This simple piercing technique will prevent ragged holes in your beads

  • What is the secret to constructing and firing large beads?

" I have used the Wilcox structure for Raku beads and it works very well. I made a small and a large one and used rebar wire to string the beads and cut it off for each additional firing. The structure made it through several Raku firings and looks pretty awful now but still works. I can't imagine doing the Raku
without it as it is so hard to get the beads out of the kiln any other way and still keep them hot."
- MH from beads-of-clay@yahoogroups.com,

  • Learn how to "cheat" your bisque firing.

  • Use this time saving technique for quickly creating dozens of metal rings that are used in your jewelry construction.

  • Use this "kinky" trick for racking your beads for firing

  • Think there are only round and square beads?  Think again. Some of the many bead styles you will learn to create are:

Brain Bead
Berry Bead
Cookie Beads
Croissant Beads
Interlocking Beads
Lilly Beads
Oriental Knots
Scroll Beads
Tea Bowl Bead
Wave beads
  • Have you only created beads by rolling small lumps of clay?  Well that doesn't even scratch the surface of what can be done.  Raku Beads explains each of the following construction techniques:

Appliqué (4 methods)
Assembled (4 methods)
Carved (4 methods)
Cut-out (4 methods)
Embellished (2 methods)
Extruded (3 methods)
Hand-formed (8 methods)
Molded (3 methods)
Roll-ups (3 methods)
Textured (4 methods)
  • Remember, your piece is not finished until the wire work is completed.  Raku Beads shows you the next step of turning beads into necklaces, earrings, broaches, etc. This often includes using wire and there are many different wire bending techniques explained. These include:

Simple spiral clasp
Dense spiral clasp
Split rings
Button clasps
Figure 8's
Standard Hook
Thick Hook
Double Hook
S Hook
YinYang Hook
Curvy Hook
  • Regardless of what you do, there are bound to be mistakes.  Raku Beads reveals what can go wrong and how to fix it.  Don't waste time repeating your work.

In addition to all the information detailed above, there is even more...

  • In depth summaries of four popular Raku bead artists.  They describe how they got started, what inspires them and how you can build their "signature" pieces. 

  • 11 Glaze recipes are included with sample pictures of how they appear on actual beads.

  • Want to try a new firing technique? Learn how to pit-fire clay beads for a unique look.

  • Even if you don’t do Raku?  Don’t worry most of the construction and finishing techniques can be applied to polymer clay jewelry as well.


"... to be honest, they are not my creation, they actually are a rip off  from an idea of Sue Ki Wilcox from her book "Raku beads" (my personal bible for beads)."
- GC from beads-of-clay@yahoogroups.com,

Raku Beads
The Secrets to Creating Amazing Raku Jewelry

The CD includes both a high resolution version and a low resolution version of the eBook.

  • The hi-res pictures allow you to zoom in on each picture to see the tiniest details of the piece.

  • The low-res pictures allow faster loading and will let you zip though the book quickly to find what you are looking for.


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Raku Glazes - Sampler Edition
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In Total, you will receive:
  • Over 250 pages of bead building secrets
  • 500+ detailed color photos showing all aspects of bead constructions and finished artist's examples
  • Over 40 different bead construction techniques explained
  • 8 Jewelry Projects detailed from start to finish
  • 11 Glaze recipes including examples
  • Both Hi-res and Low- res versions included on one CD
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Gary Ferguson
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